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School Acoustics – Classroom are where learning happens, so its a very important for schools to have a good acoustics. Schools Acoustics helps students understand what educators are teaching and allows students to have a better understanding of the lessons with fewer distractions. Also, Teachers and Office Administrators are very busy through out the school day and the background noise can impact their ability to perform. In today’s built environment noise problems can range from being a mild nuisance to a serious intrusion in another space.

Schools, Gym’s, auditoriums, cafeterias, and other multipurpose rooms are areas filled with hard reflective surfaces that cannot absorb the reverberating sound waves reflecting around the room.

We can help you solve the problem of reverberation and echo in the classrooms and multipurpose rooms by suggesting following acoustic treatment, that can break up the hard wall and ceiling surfaces used in typical classroom environment:

Our Acoustical Materials can solve the problem of reverberation and echo in the gymnasium and multi-purpose rooms:

Reduce the amount of echoes in the gym so athletes can clearly hear the coach’s voice and each other

Decrease the amount of sound leaked to other parts of the building so sound from the classroom doesn’t disturb others

Improve the health and safety of everyone by reducing the noise level in the classroom

Our acoustical specialists understand that being able to clearly understand conversation and speech as well as quality sound for music and events is important and takes a working knowledge in acoustic solutions. All Noise Control makes these noise absorption products to be the best quality and very cost-effective and reasonable for typical facility budgets.